Geotechnics Philippines Incorporated

Brief History

GEOTECHNICS PHILIPPINES, INCORPORATED, was founded and organized on October 4, 1966 and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on October 18 of the same year. It is composed of a group of professionals, each respected in their own fields of endeavor. Its preliminary goal was to provide geotechnical consulting services and carry a general contracting business in all kinds of construction, mining, manufacturing and infrastructure activities.

With the purpose of providing technological assistance to the ever-increasing needs of the industrialization of the country, the company has expanded its services in Geotechnical Engineering and it has gained the statue as one of the leading corporations in its field. From a meager capital of Php250,000.00, it is now operating on a capital base of Php50,000,000.00.

Accreditation and Membership

  • Philippine Constructors Association (PCA member)
  • PCAB - General Engineering B CIAP - Dept. of Trade and Industry (DTI)
  • Accredited testing laboratory - Bureau of Research and Standard (DPWH)
  • Accredited Driller - National Water Resources Board (NWRB)
  • Council of Engineering Consultants of the Philippines – (CECOPHIL)-Member


To meet global standards and provide technological innovation for premium value geotechnical services and reliable results. Maintain the safety/quality requirements and continuous recognition.


To provide cost effective solutions, safe and timely delivery of service for the satisfaction and needs of the Client.


The management and staff of GEOTECHNICS PHILIPPINES, INC. (GPI) is committed to satisfy customer satisfaction of packaging accurate test reports with an assured level of quality and on time delivery of services.

By virtue of accreditation to the quality system based on the requirements of the International Standard (ISO/IEC 17025) – General requirements for the competence of calibration and testing laboratories, the following shall be complied:

  • The quality and reliability of our reports
  • A philosophy of continuous improvement will be adopted by all employees so that the Quality system will be a continuously evolving program.
  • Education and training of all employees are purposively to understand company policy will be achieved through induction and structured training programs.

The attainment of these quality goals requires strong and responsive management and a concerted effort of all employees.

Corporate Directors

 Ricardo A. Tabujara III-Chairman of the Board
 Diosdado A. Ureña-President
 Alexis A. Acacio-Secretary - Treasurer
 Virgilio Santos-Director
 Aida Chinloy-Director
 Francis Cruz-Director
 Miguel Reyes-Director

Permanent Consulting & Operating Officers

 Salvador F. Reyes-M.S. Ph.D. Soil & Rock Mechanics (University of Illinois)
B.S. Civil Engineering (University of the Philippines)
Certificate in Highway Traffic (Yale University)
 Benjamin R. Buensuceso-Ph.D. Geotechnical Engineering (Asian Institute of Technology)
M.S. Geotechnical Engineering (Asian Institute of Technology)
B.S. Civil Engineering (University of the Philippines)
 Alexis A. Acacio-Ph.D. Geotechnical Engineering (University of Tokyo)
M.S. Geotechnical Engineering (University of Tokyo)
B.S. Civil Engineering (University of the Philippines)
 Brian B. Tan-M.S. Civil Engineering (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
B.S. Civil Engineering (University of the Philippines)
 Roy Anthony C. Luna-M.S. Civil Engineering (University of the Philippines)
B.S. Civil Engineering (University of the Philippines)
 Michael Paolo V. Follosco-M.S. Civil Engineering (University of the Philippines)
B.S. Civil Engineering (University of the Philippines)
 Bernardo Barcelona-Doctor of Science in Structural Geology (Tokyo University)
Master of Science in Structural Geology (Tokyo University)
B.S. Geology (Mapua Institute of Technology)
B.S. Mining Engineering (Mapua Institute of  Technology)
 Diosdado A. Ureña -B.S. Civil Engineering (Adamson University)
 Elmer Z. Valencia-B.S. Civil Engineering (Siliman University)
 Marc Arthur Z. Go-B.S. Civil Engineering (University of the Philippines)

Department Personnels

 Marc Arthur Z. Go-Team Head (Civil Engineer)
 Micah Angela P. Dizon-Civil Engineer
 Athena Bernice J. Lim-Civil Engineer
 Reuel S. Corsino Jr-Civil Engineer
 Carl Louis De Guzman-Civil Engineer
 Joslyn Mei Asuncion-Civil Engineer
 Ben Joshua Landicho-Civil Engineer
 Ma. Rosella B. Mantal-Civil Engineer
 Carmina S. Radoc-Pile Testing Manager
 Marc Gerard Mundin-Civil Engineer
 Elton Jayk Victolero-Civil Engineer
 Christian Rellama-Civil Engineer
 Christian Guimbaolibot-Civil Engineer
 Krizzia Lei Molano-Civil Engineer
 Allan Michael Barrios-Field Technician
 Brix Bazar-Field Technician
 Mark Franco-Field Technician
 Nikkimar Ramos-Field Technician
 Carolyn Arcilla-Document Controller
 Mark Jeorge Nicolas II C. Radoc-Special Test Engineer (Civil Engineer)
 Reuel S. Corsino Jr-PS Logging Test
 Ryan G. Fernandez-CPT Technician
 Joven Abad-Field Technician
 Ian Jeffrey Silvestre-Civil Engineer
 Emerson Ureña-Civil Engineer
 Ricky Cariquez-Geologist
 Jomarie B. Togano-Geologist
 Allan Jovellano-Geologist
 Allen Marvin Yutuc-Geologist
 Jaira D. Morales-Geologist
 Rhene Ablaza-Project Officer In-Charge
 Jonard Labastida-Project Officer In-Charge
 Rogelio Sabado-Project Officer In-Charge
 Rey Mancio-Project Officer In-Charge
 Ma. Alicia B. Atoy-Quality Manager
 Micah Angela P. Dizon-Assistant Quality Manager
 Mervin M. Agsuay-Quality Assurance
 Romelyn Tamon-Quality Assurance
 Lady Eimeren Bazar-Lead Document Controller
 Romalyn Baldonaza-Document Controller
 Marco Dela Cruz-Laboratory Manager (Civil Engineer)
 Roberto Morelos-Senior Laboratory Technician
 Paquito Bartolome-Senior Laboratory Technician
 Angelito J. Gutierrez-Laboratory Technician
 Ronnie A. Diño-Laboratory Technician
 Jeffrey U. Bonita-Laboratory/Field Technician
 Joven Abad-Laboratory/Field Technician
 Johnard Cabarles-Laboratory/Field Technician
 Bryan Del Rio-Laboratory Aide
 Gerome Cobilla-Laboratory Aide
 Paul Magbago-Laboratory Aide
 Robert Gonzalo-Laboratory Aide
 Jimmy Acedera-Laboratory Aide
 Josephine Pecatoste-Laboratory Aide
 Elizabeth G. Mercado-Processing Manager
 Raymond B. Jacinto-Senior Encoder
 Gemma Nuqui-Senior Encoder
 Sherelyn Laban-Encoder
 Jaybee Samillano-Encoder
 Mheriel Gacho-Encoder
 Edrian Capariño-Encoder
 Corazon Vida-Human Resource/Accounting Manager
 Katrina Mancera-Assistant Accounting Manager
 Zarah Rose Nicolas-Executive Secretary
 Thess Melgar-Billing Officer
 Marites Masajo-Accounting Clerk
 Krizel Ablaza-Accounting Clerk
 Sarah Mae Juan-Accounting Clerk
 Benjo Severino-Document Controller/Information Technology
 Mark Gaddi-Messenger
 John Paul Dela Cruz-Logistics Manager (Civil Engineer)
 Saldy Nicolas-Assistant Logistics Manager
 Ryan De Jesus-Logistic Officer

GPI Quality Management System

Company Profile