Geotechnics Philippines Incorporated

1GEO4 Analysis of Geotechnical Structure (Bearing Capacity)1
2GEO4 Analysis of Geotechnical Structure (Slope Stability)1
3PDAPLOT for Pile Dynamic Test and Pile Integrity Test1
4Seisopt@2D for Seismic Refraction Survey1

Seisopt REMI for Shear-wave Profile Using Refraction Microtremor

6Three-Dimensional Tomography Program (Cross hole Seismic Survey)1
7Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves - Geometrics, Inc.        (Surface Wave, Seismic Survey)3
      * SeisImager/SW Surface Wave Analysis Software 
      * SeisImager/2D Refraction Data Analysis 
      * SeisImager/DH Downhole Data Analysis 
      * SCS Operating Software for StrataVisor NZ, Geode,                      SmartSeis ST & ES3000 Seismographs 
8Primax FWD Data Collection Version 3.0.25 SQL2
9Settle3D for Settlement Analysis, Liquefaction and CPT Analysis6
10AllPile for Pile Analysis Software5
11Liquefy Pro – Liquefaction Analysis Software1
12LiqSVs – Liquefaction Analysis Software2
13Slide2 – Slope Stability Analysis2
14PRIMAX – Emodulus Backcalculation, PCN2
15RS2 – 2D Finite Element Analysis1
16RSData – Laboratory Special Test Data Processing1
17VTK Series Geotechnical & Environmental Data Acquisition System  and Processing Software1
18gINT Software/Geotechnical Management Data Software1
19Radan 7 (GPR)1
20Geogiga pro (Reflection)1
21ASTM Standard8
22Geovision software (PMT Automatic)1
23Geostudio - Slope stability1
24CPeT-IT (CPT Analysis Software)2


ISO / IEC  17025:2017   Accredited Laboratory