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Injecting cementitious material into a soil mass tends to reduce permeability, cause swelling and may increase strength.

Grouting is a technique whereby a slow flowing water/sand/cement mix is injected under pressure..

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Pile Dynamics & Integrity



The High Strain Dynamic Testing is widely used in the lieu of the conventional static load. Additional parameters on pile driving performance and stresses on pile (both compression and tension) are measured by means of sensor attached on the pile during driving.

Automatically plotted summary of data are viewed from the screen during testing.

Quick and cost efficient test for measuring bearing capacity, skin resistant and check hammer performance.




The low straining test can quickly evaluate the shaft integrity using P.I.T. collector attached to a sensitive accelerometer superimposed on top of the pile.

Low strain compressive impact waves are then generated by tapping the pile top with hammer.

When the downward travelling compression wave encounters a change in cross section or quality of concrete, it generates an upward travelling tension wave which is observed at the pile top.