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High Resolution Acoustic Televiewer (HRAT)®


The High Resolution Acoustic Televiewer (HRAT)® provides a continuous high-resolution oriented ultrasound image of the borehole wall.

Its main usage is for fracture orientation cataloging within a borehole and subsequent interpretative kinematics studies useful for deep structure design structures. It is also useful for cavity or void confirmation for drilled boreholes.

Pull-out Test

Performed to assess the anchorage or pull-
out capacity of piles




Thermal Resistivity

The KD Pro Thermal Unit using the single probe method.

This method employs a heat source inserted into the soil whereby heat energy is applied continuously at a given rate. The thermal properties of the soil can be determined by analyzing the temperature response
adjacent to the heat source via a thermal sensor.
This method reflects the rate at which heat is conducted away from the probe.

Plate Load Test

Determines the settlement of the soil under a given load. Results can be used to
estimate the ultimate bearing capacity


Nuclear Density Test

Nuclear Density Test

Nuclear density test is a quality control and acceptance testing of compacted soil and soil-aggregate mixtures as used in construction and also for research and development.

Nuclear density test is useful as a rapid, nondestructive technique for in-place measurements of wet density and water content of soil and soil-aggregate and the determination of dry density.


Measures the materials in-situ to penetration


(Sand Cone Method)
Measures relative density of soil which has been compacted using compacting equipment


Vane Shear Test

Determines the undrained shear strength of soils especially soft clays.

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