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Injecting cementitious material into a soil mass tends to reduce permeability, cause swelling and may increase strength.

Grouting is a technique whereby a slow flowing water/sand/cement mix is injected under pressure. Grouting is a good option if the foundation of an existing building requires improvement, sine it is possible to inject the grout from the side or at an inclined angle.

Projects engaged with:

  • Cement injection Consolidation Grouting For Existing YRT Bldg. - Manila
  • Cement Injection for Iglesia Ni Cristo Chapel - Pampanga
  • Cement Grouting Works for the Proposed Reservoir 2 - Lukban, Quezon
  • Jet Cement Grouting Works for the Proposed 4 Storey Building - Quezon City

Soil Nailing

The fundamental concept of soil nailing consists of reinforcing the ground by passive inclusions, closely spaced, to create in-situ a coherent gravity structure and thereby to increase the overall shear strength of the in-situ soil and restrain its displacements.

In soil nailing, similarly to ground anchors, the load transfer mechanism and the ultimate pull-out resistance of the nails depends primarily upon soil type and strength characteristics, installation technique, drilling method size and shape of the drilled hole, as well as grouting method and pressure used.


  • Stabilization of railroad and highway cut slopes
  • Excavation retaining structures in urban areas for high rise building and underground facilities
  • Tunnel poratals in steep and unstable stratified slopes

Projects engaged with:

  • Soil Nailing / Shortcreting for Pioneer - Cebu
  • Soil Nailing for Boracay Project - Aklan

Hydrograpic Survey

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