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CPT Machine

Thermal Resistivity

The KD Pro Thermal Unit using the single probe method.

This method employs a heat source inserted into the soil whereby heat energy is applied continuously at a given rate. The thermal properties of the soil can be determined by analyzing the temperature response
adjacent to the heat source via a thermal sensor.
This method reflects the rate at which heat is conducted away from the probe.


Temperature Measurements

The TLC Meter operates in a range from –15°C to +50°C
(23°F to 122°F). You may choose to have the readings
displayed on the LCD screen in °C or °F. Accuracy is
+/- 0.3°C in Celsius, or +/-0.5°F in Fahrenheit. Conductivity
measurements are temperature sensitive. The ‘smart’ TLC
probe automatically adjusts the measured conductivity values
to display as specific conductance. This provides standardized
repeatably comparable measurements.
When the probe is turned on, the LCD screen displays both
conductivity and temperature. A short wait of 20 seconds per
degree Celsius of temperature change is required for the
measurements to stabilize at each desired depth, before
recording the three measurements.

Nuclear Density Test

Nuclear Density Test


Nuclear density test is a quality control and acceptance testing of compacted soil and soil-aggregate mixtures as used in construction and also for research and development.

Nuclear density test is useful as a rapid, nondestructive technique for in-place measurements of wet density and water content of soil and soil-aggregate and the determination of dry density.


A Pressuremeter test is an in-situ stress controlled loading test

performed on the wall of a borehole using a cylindrical probe which

can expand radially.

From the test readings (volume variation based on controlled

pressure), a stress-strain curve can be obtained, in the case of plane

deformation, which yields :

• the Ménard Pressuremeter modulus Em

• the creep pressure Pf

• the Menard limit pressure PL


Menard Pressuremeter

Manufacturer: Germany

A PRESSURE-METER TEST is an In-Situ Stress Controlled Loading Test Performed on the wall of a borehole using cylindrical probe which can expand radially

From the test readings a Stress-Strain can be obtained which yields

- The Menard Pressure meter Modules
- The Creep Pressure
- The Menard Limit Pressure
- The Volume and Pressure Calibration

Has been performed on each test.


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